Creative Slurp

Episode 11 : My FIVE secrets to great writing made easy

Episode Summary

Ever stared at a blank page, wracking your brain for what to write on your social media posts, emails or website pages? Yup, we've all been there! But you can change that by becoming more confident in your writing abilities. Seriously, I believe that anyone can learn to write engaging copy in their own style, once they learn how. Here are my 5 secrets to writing great copy.

Episode Notes

340,000 words is a lot of words, but what you can expect to write every year as a small business owner. Your words are what connect you with your customers, but it can be utterly overwhelming to know what to say.

Here are my 5 secrets (or sprinkles) to writing great copy, and make it fun and easy!

I'm also offering a FREE Sprinkles checklist at the moment - which you can download and save.  It goes through all 5 of my secret sprinkle tips and gives you a list, so you can check them off as you write your copy.