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Should you QUIT social media for your business?

Episode Summary

In the social media 'time suck zone'? News flash: You DON'T have to be on social media for your business. In this episode find out how to know if you should quit social media for your business - and what you could do instead.

Episode Notes

You DON'T have to be on social media for your business.

Yup, I said it. I’m a marketing coach, but I don’t believe posting on social media should be a foregone conclusion for a business.

How did that make you feel?

I see so many small business owners bogged down by the obligation of making content for social media - totally burnt out by the amount of content they need to create, and then it’s not actually making a difference to the bottom line.  And the reality is there are so many other ways of finding customers - many of them better - yet people still stay stuck in a kind of self-imposed social media jail without actually thinking of whether it’s adding value to their business.

The job of social media is to attract new customers to your business, to help them get to know you better and to keep you front of mind…is it doing that for you? if not, there will probably be other marketing channels and tactics that can do that better. Be open to new ways of working and give something else a go.

In my latest episode of Creative Slurp Podcast I give my views on social media:

I'm not ‘anti-social media’ and yes, I do have social media accounts. But I also want to help business owners be intentional about making the best decision they can around their marketing strategy and where they spend their time.